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Watch Jack Russell’s Great White Play for 40 People in an 8,500 Person Capacity Venue


Update, 04/25/14, 9:14 am: A reader calling himself “SI STUD,” who claims to have been at this event, says the numbers are wrong, and that there were only 150 people at the football game… of whom ten stuck around to see Great White. That would mean that Great White actually managed to retain a slightly higher percentage of the crowd! Mazel tov, fellas.

Original story follows below:

Karma continues to cock-slap Great White vocalist Jack Russell for The Station fire of 2003. When his version of the band (because, remember, there are two different Great Whites now!) was booked to play “80′s Night” for a Trenton Freedom/Columbus Lions indoor football game at New Jersey’s Sun National Bank Center, I’m sure he thought it was a big win. Okay, sure, nobody wants to go to New Jersey if they can avoid it, but you’re talking about a dude who performed at a zoo just four years ago. An venue that can potentially hold 8,500 fans is a big step up!

Unfortunately for Jack n’ his boys, the band didn’t get to play until after the game was over — and basically nobody stuck around to see ’em: Sleaze Roxx reports that of the 1,000 people who attended the game, only about forty actually stayed to see Great White. That would have been bad even in the tiny clubs to which the band is accustomed, but there’s something about seeing these guys, who used to be big, big stars, playing to SO MUCH empty space that’s just HILARIOUS.

Still, as Metal Insider notes, “the band actually sounds pretty good, and at least appeared to be having fun despite the aggressively low turnout.” Makes sense. If being responsible for the death of a hundred people didn’t cause the dude to throw in the towel, performing for a crowd smaller than the one currently lined up for coffee at the local Starbucks ain’t gonna phase him.

Here’s video of the blessed event:

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