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Here are the Details of the Queensryche Band Name Settlement


Queensryche 2013 (no Tate)Internet sleuth Axl Rosenberg was mostly able to put together the pieces of the settlement over the use of Queensryche’s name last week from clues around the Internet, but now there’s been an official press release issued by the Tate-less version of the band that spells it all out, and there are some new details that’ve emerged.

Here’s what we’ve been able to put together based on both the press release and our own observations of how each party and their shows are currently being promoted.

The Goeff Tate version will:

  • now be known as “Geoff Tate, the Voice of Queensryche”
  • not be able to use the name Queensryche except when typeset as above
  • be obligated to link to the other version of the band’s website in a prominent location on their (his) website
  • have the sole right to perform Operation: Mindcrime and Operation: Mindcrime II (lol, as if!) in their entirety

The Jackson / Rockenfeld / Wilton / Todd La Torre version will:

  • Be the sole party allowed to use the name “Queensryche”
  • have no obligation to link to or promote Tateryche in any way
  • be able to perform songs from Operation Mindcrime, but not the album in full
  • take a giant crap on Operation: Mindcrime II, thereby raising its value*

So basically Tate got almost none of what he wanted except for the ability to promote the fact that he was, once, in Queensryche. And, as a consolation prize, the ability to perform Operation: Mindcrime in full (which I doubt the other guys care very much about) and Operation: Mindcrime II (which I’m willing to bet the other guys acknowledge as a total piece of crap and have no desire to perform live ever again).

Hopefully now we can put this ridiculous saga to bed. Except I’m guessing probably not — stay tuned for more drama!

* Not actually included in legal documents.

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