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Now You Can Take Your Djenstick Everywhere with the FretPen


The Djenstick is every metal fan’s favorite invention of 2014 which was actually invented in 2012. But it only has one problem: it’s too big! I mean, it’s actually not that big at all, or heavy, but can you fit it in your pocket? Nnnnnnnoooooo. So what good is it? This is the 21st century! We don’t have time to actually carry things in our hands!

So, good news: someone has, indeed, figured out a way to make the djentstick suitable for your keychain! Huzzah!!! Gear Gods reports:

“The Djentstick, America’s response to the erhu, is being Kickstarted in a new iteration under the name FretPen. This tiny 4 fret guitar doubles as a quill to write out the cheerios tabs you chug out on its tiny single unwound string. It comes with an iPhone app so you can amplify it so your chunky riffs and shredding leads can scream through a 1 centimeter speaker and you can switch to different virtual strings on the fly.”

Great idea, but, alas, I fear the creators of the FretPen may be too late, now that the Metalcore Breakdown Composer is available as a free app. Although clearly the FretPen offers a far wider range of options than the MCB does, they will appeal to the same audience (metal fans who enjoy silly, useless toys), and that whole thing about the MCB being free may ultimately make it the more popular offer. Still, if you’ve got at least a hundred bucks to spend and you want one of these, go here to pledge to the Kickstarer campaign.

Here’s a video with some additional info for ya:


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