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Danzig is Just Suing His Former Motherf*cking Bandmate, Bitch


danzig vs jerry

Today in Danzig tomfoolery: Glenn Danzig is suing his former Misfits bandmate, Jerry Only, because Only has allegedly “been violating the band’s 1994 merchandising contract by telling retailers he was the sole owner of the band’s trademark logo” since 2000, according to Billboard. The suit alleges that Only “has prevented and continues to prevent other retailers, including Hot Topic, which is the largest retailer of the Misfits products, from entering into licenses with Danzig and/or his designee.” It even calls the post-Danzig version of the Misfits “imitation Misfits,” claiming that “The vast majority of the Misfits fans associate the [logo design] with the 1977-1983 classic Misfits era when Danzig was the creative heart of the Misfits.”

In response, Only and whomever else is in the Misfits these days (I stopped trying to keep track a long time ago) have released a lengthy statement to AP, which is pretty boring, but basically says “Danzig is full of shit, and why is he just now filing this lawsuit when we’ve allegedly been ripping him off for more than a decade?”, which are both excellent points. Danzig has done himself, like, ZERO favors in the PR department this century, and his defenders’ numbers are dwindling. I have no idea what a court of law will have to say about the suit, but the court of public opinion seems pre-destined to rule in favor of Only.

In the meantime, I’ve reached out to Only personally to suggest that he attempt to settle out of court by offering to pay for Danzig’s French onion soup supply for one year. We’ll see if he takes my advice.

Thanks: Sami

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