Grab Something to Puke Into and Watch Falling in Reverse and Coolio’s Video for “Gangsta’s Paradise”


What can I say about Falling in Reverse’s cover of Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” that hasn’t already been said about being stuck in gridlock while having gonorrhea, crabs, hemorrhoids, multiple broken bones, a malignant tumor, a sunburn, an eyelash stuck in your eye, a splinter that won’t come out, two hot dog buns but no hot dogs, a migraine, and explosive diarrhea all at at the same time? It sounds like Eddie Murphy impersonating a caucasian doing the song at a karaoke bar. The band somehow got Coolio to be in the video for their cover, and by “somehow,” I mean they told him there would be craft services and he showed up. But there’s all these shots of him covering his face, so I suspect what happened is at some point he actually heard the song and was like “Oh, fuck, how do I make sure nobody knows I’m in this? This is worse than Daredevil!!!”

By the way, weird to think of it now, but Coolio really was twenty-three when this song came out. Ronnie Radke is thirty. I guess they didn’t wanna change the lyrics though. And can you blame ’em? Falling in Reverse fans can’t count to thirty. They’d be more confused than an Alzheimer’s patient watching Inception.

Watch the video below if you hate yourself. It appears on Pop Punk Goes Pop or one of those bullshit compilations they’re putting out these days.

Thanks: Stephen P.

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