Amon Amarth Vocalist/Under Armour Spokesperson Johan Hegg to Appear in the Movie Northmen



Usually when metal dudes try to make their acting debuts, it’s in some low-budget, straight-to-video horror flick which looks shitty even by low-budget straight-to-video horror flick standards. Of course, there are exceptions… of which Johan Hegg, vocalist for Amon Amarth and celebrity spokesperson for Under Armour, appears to be one. The Viking metaller will be appearing in the historical epic Northmen: A Viking Saga as the character of “Valli,” a Viking. I guess he was looking for a change of pace from his usual gig.

ANYWAY, the trailer would make it appear as there was actually some money behind this movie. I don’t think it will actually be good, because the director’s previous (dis)credits include Hollow Man II (a low-budget straight-to-video horror flick!) and multiple webisodes of an online-only “companion series” to the CBS show Ghost Whisperer. Still, it’s far more impressive than appearing in My Cousin Has a Video Camera and I’ve Got Some Leftover Halloween Costumes, Let’s Do This!. Here’s the trailer:

No word on when this thing will get released. But Deadline Hollywood says that eOne’s film division already has the distribution rights for the UK, France, Scandinavia, Australia and New Zealand, so if you live in one those places, I suspect you’ll get Northmen soonish.

[via Metal Injection]

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