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Courtney Love Takes Responsibility for the Infamous Kurt Cobain Wallet Note


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Let’s review some recent events, shall we?

  • Seattle police released part a handwritten note found in Kurt Cobain’s wallet at the time of his death. The note mocked his marriage vows to Courtney Love.
  • Someone else released the remainder of the note, the contents of which suggested the whole thing may have been facetious.
  • This dude who has written a bunch of books about Nirvana said Courtney e-mailed him to say she wrote the note. We wondered why Courtney didn’t just release a statement saying she wrote the note.

See where this is going?

  • Courtney finally contacts The Guardian and says “Obviously I wrote it – don’t you guys understand sarcasm?”

Which, again, is what she should have just done in the first place. Like, one tweet or FB post could have cleared this whole thing up right away.

I also still can’t really figure out why the Seattle PD released the note in the first place… and why they only released part of the note… and why they only released the part of the note that made Courtney look bad… and why they didn’t just say that it was written by Courtney. I mean, they had to have done some investigating following Cobain’s death, right? Maybe they asked Courtney about the note? Maybe they showed it to a graphologist or a forensic document examiner who was able to verify that it wasn’t written by Cobain? Why just release it to the press and be like “Here, have this,” with no additional details? The mind boggles.

And on a final note, I’d like to answer Courtney’s question… yes OF COURSE I understand sarcasm. I’m sarcastic all the time. Look, I’ll do it right now to demonstrate: Courtney, I think your new single is amazing, and you look so beautiful in the video!!! You do not look more and more like Marilyn Manson with each round of plastic surgery, and I do not laugh out loud every time I hear either the contents or delivery of the part of the song where you say “you should retire.” Why the general public has this notion that you’re a lunatic is something I’ll never understand.

[via Metal Insider]

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