The Two Weirdest Music Videos Ever of the Day


The creative minds of metalheads know no bounds. This is just, I don’t even…

We start with Goemagot’s new video for “Bigotry,” sent in by MS reader Blue Law. The video begins in standard metal video fashion with shots of priests and nuns and other religious imagery, and when the band kicks in you’re all “Oh, this is pretty standard, mediocre tech-death.” Then the singer rolls his eyes back into his head and you’re like, “Alright, pretty cool gimmick! What else ya got?”


Then it gets to 1:15 and WHERE IN THE FUCK DID CARTMAN COME FROM??? Ground-breaking, pioneering vocal shit right here. Honestly I stopped watching after that because it couldn’t get any better.

Next up we have Rectum Raiders’ NSFW video for “Satisfaction,” originally by Benny Benassi. Everything about this video is completely fucknuts, from the band’s wardrobe to the prosthetic penises made out of sausage to waterguns shooting to jizz to why the hell is there a goose in this video and what’s it got to do with anything?? Something this weird could only come from the Netherlands.

And then I found twenty bucks.

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