This is What Trivium Sound Like with Temporary Drummer Mat Madiro

  • Axl Rosenberg

Three-and-a-half years ago, Trivium fired their then-drummer, Travis Smith, and replaced him with their then-drum tech, Nick Augusto; then, last week, they fired Nick Augusto, and, for the time being at least, are using their current drum tech, Mat Madiro. I’m sure Augusto’s pride is hurt, and I’m sure he’s kicking himself for not seeing this coming. It’s like if you scored a really hot babe by helping her cuckold her current husband, and then you get married, and then a few years later you catch her cheating on you. It’s like duh, there’s a pattern here.

ANYWAY, XplicitConcerts has uploaded some fairly abysmal video of Trivium performing with Madiro in Bangor, Maine this past Saturday. It’s basically just good enough to reassure you that Trivium with Madiro still sounds like Trivium. But he shouldn’t get too comfortable in that seat. Drums techs Gerry Golino and Perry Pezzuto are waiting eagerly in the wings for their shot!


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