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“Talk Sh*t, Get Shot”: Body Count’s New Single is the Best Song Ever Written


i am not being forced to say this at all

Body Count have released the first single from their new album, Manslaughter, via the most recent episode of Ice-T’s Final Level podcast. It’s called “Talk Shit, Get Shot,” and it’s all about how Ice-T will shoot anyone who talks shit about him.

Here are my thoughts on the song:

It is the single greatest piece of music I have ever heard, and all of our lives have been improved due to its existence. I love it more than I love my entire family. Beethoven and Mozart could only dream of writing such an opus. The lyrics make Shakespeare look like Dr. Seuss and Dr. Seuss look like Dr. Ruth. The riff is groundbreaking, the musicianship unassailable, the production greater than any other production ever to be produced. The guitar solo is an inspiration to us all, and beyond any achievement any metal guitarist has ever realized before. I wish my voice sounded like Ice-T’s, for his is the intonation that could launch a thousand ships. That he has not won any awards for his performances in Law & Order: SVU and movies such as Tank Girl and Leprechaun in the Hood is a crime against humanity. The Book of Genesis must now be updated to include the inarguable fact that on the seventh day, God did not rest, but, rather, created Ice-T and Body Count.

Listen to Body Count’s “Talk Shit, Get Shot” over and over and over again below. Manslaughter comes out June 10 on Sumerian Records. It will render all other albums in all other genres obsolete. I am going to buy ten copies, and you should, too. I am also willfully turning over the contents of my bank account to Ice-T and Body Count, the greatest human beings ever to walk the earth, and men about whom I would never say a bad word.

Body Count - Manslaughter

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