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Today in Interesting Merch: Metal Band Baby Bibs and Onesies

  • Axl Rosenberg

UPDATE, April 14, 2017: A representative from the company has reached out to MetalSucks to inform us that the store is now located at The Merch Babies store has shut down. 

Original post:

So apparently there’s a website called Merch Babies which sells — doyyyyy! — metal merch for babies. And dogs. Which are like babies for those of us who couldn’t handle having an actual baby.

ANYWAY, not an entirely original idea, but this shit still looks adorable. And as a bonus, it will allow passers-by to easily identify terrible parents. Like, if you see a newborn in an Asking Alexandria onesie, then you immediately know that the parents are idiots, and that they are either going to raise another idiot or accidentally kill the child when they go on vacation and forget to feed it or crack the window, and you can then immediately call child services.

See some samples of Merch Babies’ work below, then go here to take care of all of your baby shower gift needs.

ETID onesie

emmure bib DEP bibperiphery bib BTBAM diapers

Okay one of those may be fake. But the others are all real, I swear!!!

[via The PRP]

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