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King 810 are Edgy


When you think of metal musicians who are legitimately dangerous and scary, who do think of? The first artists to come to mind are probably Taylor Momsen, Bumblefoot, the dudes from Black Stone Cherry, and metal-themed comedian/five-time convicted murderer Jim Breuer. These are people who are just as well-known for their violent tendencies as they are for their music, and the fact that they’re allowed to walk the streets freely is truly unsettling.

Which is why I cannot blame King 810 one iota for bringing armed guards to their performance alongside these sadistic sons of bitches at Rock on the Range in Columbus, OH this past weekend. I’m surprised more bands don’t bring protection when they have to play on the same day as Theory of a Deadman and Chevelle. It’s just lucky that Nickelback weren’t there, too, or they’d have needed fucking bazookas.

king 810 guns rock on the range

Despite the fact that these weapons were clearly necessary to ensure the band’s safety from the treacherous deviants in Texas Hippie Coalition and Rev Theory, some concertgoers were apparently turned off by King 810’s decision to bring masked men with weapons onto the stage, asserting that it was a silly, tired gimmick and the act of a band who are clearly overcompensating for the fact that their music isn’t very good. But fans ages ten to thirteen proclaimed the move to “awesome.”

Oddly enough, King 810 will not be playing this weekend’s Maryland Deathfest, although it seems they would fit right in alongside acts such Asphyx, Goat Torment, and Excruciating Terror. They will, however, be part of this summer’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem FestivalThey’re so brave!!!

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