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Judas Priest, King Diamond, Amon Amarth, Failure, Deafheaven and Pallbearer are Going to Be Touring This Fall


Fun Fun Fun Fest logoLet’s have some fun with the Fun Fun Fun Fest lineup, shall we? Since the fest is announced so many months in advance and they’re booking some seriously big metal acts these days, the yearly springtime announcement for the fall festival provides an opportunity to try and piece together tours well before they’ve been rolled out. Last year we successfully sussed out Slayer’s tour with Gojira this way.

Everyone is going to look at this lineup and predict that Judas Priest and King Diamond will be touring together this fall. And, well, I wouldn’t doubt it! King Diamond haven’t done a proper U.S. tour in forever, and Judas Priest would be the perfect match. BUT, as everyone knows, King’s health hasn’t been tops of late… so I wouldn’t be completely surprised if King Diamond is just doing Fun Fun Fun Fest as a one-off fly in, or as part of a limited run of shows. Either way, one thing’s clear: Judas Priest are definitely touring this fall. Possibly with King Diamond. YES!

Looks like Amon Amarth will be touring too. Of the bands announced for FFFF so far, Failure, Deafheaven and Pallbearer would make the most sense for support acts. My money’s on Pallbearer (just a hunch) and possibly Deafheaven — that would be a very eclectic bill, just the type we love. It’s also possible that the bands supporting Amon Amarth haven’t been announced for FFFF yet, of course.

Other heavy acts of interest: Iron Reagan, Sick of it All, Glassjaw, Gorilla Biscuits, The Blood Brothers. Should be a great fest. Tickets are now on sale. The event takes place from November 7-9 in Austin, TX.

We’ll keep you updated as these tours are officially rolled out.

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