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Get Lost in the Vortex of Piss That is Piss Vortex


Piss Vortex
In the grand tradition of bands such as Pig Destroyer, Prostitute Disfigurement, and, of course, Anal Cunt, Piss Vortex, a new grindcore quartet from Denmark, are more than just a pretty name — they make pretty music, too! As of this writing, the band has released a mere two songs (“Organic Shrapnel” and “Devouring Intent”) totaling barely more than three minutes of music. But this too-brief taste of the aural equivalent of doing the backstroke in a pool of nice, warm urine shows incredible promise. Apparently, the band has already completed the recording of their full-length debut, and are currently shopping for a label; if the rest of the album is as flowery as these two songs, grind fans are in for a most aromatic delight.

Check out “Organic Shrapnel” and “Devouring Intent” below. We’ll let you know if/when the band finds that label to release their full-length.

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