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James Hetfield is the David Attenborough of Bear Killing


James Hetfield Hunting

James Hetfield’s passion for hunting has been well-documented in the past, both in the A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica and Some Kind of Monsters documentaries (in the latter, he even admits to missing his son’s birthday because he was in Russia on a hunting trip).

So it makes sense that Hetfield has been hired to narrate The Hunt, an upcoming mini-series for The History Channel. (Why is a show about modern day hunters on The History Channel? No clue.) According to The PRP, the series follows the hunt for Kodiak brown bear in Alaska:

“The hunt is regulated by the state’s department of fish and game with 496 tags assigned via a lottery system. Those who are selected for the 10-day hunt are only able to utilize what they can initially carry, thus being forced to live off the land for a part of the duration.”

I’m such a sensitive soul that I can’t imagine watching this series, lest I be reduced to a puddle of tears when they blow the bear’s fucking brains out. That being said, I am kinda curious to hear what it’s like when Hetfield gets all David Attenborough. When they finally kill the bear, do you think he’ll shout “YE-AH!”?

The first of The Hunt‘s eight episodes will air June 8. Check your local listings and all that crap.

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