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Listen to Mina Caputo Narrate a Documentary About a 47-Million-Year-Old Primate


Today in really bizarre and random things you’d never have expected to see, it’s Mina Caputo of Life Agony narrating a video created by Science Slam Sonic Explorers (!) about Ida, a 47-million-year-old primate whose fossilized remains were recently discovered. But not just plain old ordinary narrating; extremely DRAMATIC narrating, in Mina’s unshakeable Brooklyn accent, with music playing underneath. And not just plain old ordinary music: extremely DRAMATIC music by Gator Bait Ten, featuring Swans, Prong, Godflesh and Jesu drummer Ted Parsons. With fellow Gator Bait Ten member Kurt Gluck contributing the A/V production.

This video is incredibly bizarre, and yet I’m really into it. The narration and music definitely add something to the already strange visual presentation… and the story itself is fascinating. Explains MS reader Fritz P., who sent this in:

A couple of years (maybe as much as five) back a Norwegian evolutionary biologist (Jørn Harald Hurum) got his hands on a 47 million year old primate fossil. He claims that it’s in direct relation to humans, thus making it something [along] the lines of a missing link. These claims have caused a lot of controversy in the fossil binniz, so they have now made a video telling the story of IDA the primate, and everything that’s been going on since her discovery.

Crazy, eh? Watch it, and maybe you’ll learn something.

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