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Suffokate Release First Song with New Vocalist, Continue to be Boring as F*ck


Let’s be real, guys. There are three reasons, and three reasons only, that any of us know who Suffokate are:

  1. Their name is dumb.
  2. Their first singer was dumb.
  3. Their second singer was dumb.

So, unsurprisingly, the band’s new vocalist, John Oliva, seems pretty dumb. If nothing else, he stands as a shining example of Vince’s stance that metal vocalists have become totally irrelevant. Anyone who says they can tell the difference between this dude and those other dudes in a blind taste test is either lying or listening to entirely too much Suffokate.

And y’know what the shittiest thing about all of this is? When I first heard that Suffokate’s new vocalist was named “John Oliva,” I got really excited because I thought it was the Jon Oliva. Now THAT might be interesting.

Jon Oliva Savokate

[via Metal Injection]

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