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One Last Cool Stream for the Day: Trap Them’s Blissf*cker


Trap Them - Blissfucker Small copyI feel that today has presented unto us the best kind of problem to have: too many streams of new music that’s actually good. As if new singles from Opeth and Ace Frehley (and, uh, Linkin Park) weren’t enough, we also have entire releases from Godflesh, The Atlas Moth, Vader… and now, thanks to Noisey, Trap Them’s Blissfucker. This is truly an embarrassment of riches.

So, yeah, I know you’re probably feeling overwhelmed… just take deep breaths and try to get through one awesome stream at a time. Blissfucker is probably a good one to listen to last, because it’s low energy and will bring you down. No, really, I swear. It’s like how they say you should drink coffee and snort a line of coke right before going to bed. Same effect.

Check out Blissfucker below. It comes out June 10 on Prosthetic.


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