Metalhead Dad Photobombs Baby Photos, Angers Internet


baby2Brian Reda might be the coolest dad ever. Instead of annoying the shit out of his friends by bombarding their Facebook and Instagram feeds with photos of his baby that no one cares about, he’s decided to have a bit of fun with it by injecting those photos with a bit of metal!

According to Buzzfeed, Reda first posted the below photo to Reddit, sparking an intense backlash from the No Fun Police:


Brian’s response? The best possible: to post more photos!

baby3 baby4 baby5 baby6 baby7

Commented Reda on the backlash: “I’m a stay-at-home dad and [this is] the way I’ve chosen to document our life together. So suck it. Dad life is metal.”

Our only gripe with Brian: horns are so passé, dude! Invisible oranges are in! C’mon, man!

Reda continued by explaining that including the metal horns in these photos is his way of capturing the moment, including himself, and documenting the father/son relationship. Rock on, dude! He posted a video response as well:

View more photos of Ryan’s hand and his son here.

Thanks: Rueben P.

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