High Times May Not Be Sure What Dave Brockie Looked Like


So High Times, like just about every other even-vaguely-related-to-metal media outlet in the world, reported on this week’s news that GWAR’s Dave Brockie died of an accidental heroin overdose. Unlike every other even-vaguely-related-to-metal media outlet in the world, though, they made the incredibly bold choice to run a photo of some dude who isn’t Dave Brockie with their story.

High Times Not Brockie

So, who the hell is that guy? Explains photographer Alyssa Herman:

“My boyfriend did some touring with the band Green Jello back in April. They were contacted by a Seattle artist named Skwerll who had created his own version of the Oderus costume. He did an Oderus impersonation on stage (which he calls Mungus Urungus, Oderus’ gay cousin) with Green Jello as a GWAR tribute. Anyway, that night I was there to photograph it. I did a write up about the show on my website.

“Well, I was just informed that High Times has posted something about the cause of death of Dave and used my picture of my friend Skwerll (without my permission) as the main photo. Seems they think that is a photo of Dave himself. I tried to tell them that’s not him, but they aren’t responding to me. So anyway, just thought I’d share this little story with you. I know sometimes your site likes to share stories like this and I thought it was amusing. If you’re interested, my original post is here the High Times post is here. They posted the link on their facebook yesterday, and as of right now, it has 497 shares and over 2,000 likes. Not one person that I can see has commented on the fact that the picture isn’t of Dave Brockie.”

And hey, bruh, you so do NOT have to explain to me how you can make silly mistakes when you’re baked. Still, the fact that no one at the publication (to say nothing of its readers) has noticed the error a day after the story went live is pretty funny. Especially considering that Brockie’s face — his real face, not just his Oderus mask — is fairly recognizable.

Ah, weed. Gotta love it.

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