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This New In Flames Song is About as Much Fun as Stepping on a “Rusted Nail”


stepped on a rusty nailRemember when In Flames were totally mind-blowing? Wouldn’t it be SO KILLER if the new In Flames album, Siren Charms, was really awesome, and totally redeemed them for the last couple of albums of forgettable melodic death muzak? How great would it be to have the band restored to their former glory???

Well, don’t get your hopes up. We’ve heard Siren Charms, and it’s every bit as uninspired and bland as Sounds of a Playground Fading and that one with the monster vagina on the cover. There are a couple of okay songs. The only reason I even made it through the entire thing was out of respect to all that the group has done in the past. It’s about as energetic and refreshing as a shot of Rohypnol.

You won’t get to try and stay awake through this lifeless album ’til it’s released on September 9, but you can try and stay awake through the first single, “Rusted Nail,” right now. Or you can just skip it. You’ll remember just as many details of the song whether you listen to it or not.

[via Metal Insider]

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