Hear Sepultura’s Demo Bloody Demo for “Roots Bloody Roots”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Sepultura Roots SketchFor reasons that don’t seem to extend beyond “fans would enjoy it,” Gloria Cavalera, wife and manager of Max Cavalera, has released an early demo for the Sepultura song “Roots Bloody Roots.”

Now, a lot of the time, demos are really not at all that interesting; they basically just sound like stripped-down, shittily recorded versions of the final song. But in some instances, tracks go through MASSIVE changes by the time they’re completed… and this is one of those instances. The song is barely recognizable; it sounds as though they were toying with the notion of utilizing a more industrial sound, which would have been in vogue when they recorded this. So instead of being ahead of the nu-metal curve, they would have been ahead of the Morbid Angel embarrassing themselves curve. Either way, Sepultura were envelope pushers!


[via The PRP]

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