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Exclusive Music Video Premiere: The Damian Murdoch Trio, “Jump Rope with Electric Wires”


Damian Murdoch Trio - Electric TentaclesYou’re likely most familiar with Damian Murdoch as the latest guitarist to join German/Swiss heady prog collective The Ocean. Whether or not you’ve seen Damian play live with his newest gig you probably have an inkling of just how talented a guitarist he is — the audition videos that landed him the job featured him covering not only The Ocean, but The Dillinger Escape Plan. And The Ocean wouldn’t let in a slouchy player anyway.

Murdoch’s got a band of his own, a fusion trio that’s called — appropriately enough — the Damian Murdoch Trio. The Trio’s music has elements of blues and funk, but it’s firmly based on a heavy foundation of twisted, curling riffs and shred. Drummer Michael Posch and bassist Harry Stöckl lay a ridiculously tight and limber foundation on which Murdoch is left to do his thing, and oh, what a beautifully radiant, energetic, sexy thing that is!

Check out the music video for “Jump Rope with Electric Wires” below, filmed by Manuel “Janus” Mair and Paul Henzinger and edited by Markus Wastl. Debut album Electric Tentacles is out now.

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