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Ill Niño Latest Artists to Completely Miss the Point of Scarface


In case you don’t recognize it: the cover art for Ill Niño’s new album, Till Death, La Familia, is a riff on the poster for the 1983 version of Scarface:

Scarface-1983-movie-posterIll Niño - Till Death La Familia

Ill Niño obviously aren’t the first artists to demonstrate admiration for the saga of Tony Montana… but that doesn’t make it any less stupid. As eloquently explained by comedian John Mulaney:

I enjoy Scarface more than Mulaney does, precisely because it’s so friggin’ ridiculous, but his point stands: if what you take away from Scarface is that it’s good to be like Scarface, you are a moron. Not that we’d expect Ill Niño to callback, say, The Battle of Algiers (which would have served the same thematic purpose without glorifying a homicidal maniac), but, y’know. Just yesterday, we heard In Search of Sun reference Scarface specifically in a negative light (“So I’ll go on my way/ And let my morals stay/ Somehow you think the world is yours… for now”), so Ill Niño’s complete misreading of the film is even more glaring.

ANYWAY, the band also has a horrible new single. It sounds more like a pop-punk song than a metal song, but you can listen if you want. Funny enough, it shares some themes with Steel Panther’s (far superior) “Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World.”

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