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What Do You Think of the New Judas Priest Song “Dragonaut”?


Judas Priest - Redeemer of SoulsWith “Dragonaut” we’re now three songs into the post-K.K. Downing era of Judas Priest, which is enough to draw some sort of conclusion about their forthcoming new album Redeemer of Souls

It hasn’t got the Nostradamus bloat, so that’s good; it’s more of a return to the “classic” Priest sound. Which is fine in theory, except that none of these three songs have really stuck with me yet. They’re alright, but they end up just kind of feeling like Generi-Priest. New guitarist Richie Faulkner has some good riffs, a great solo in this one and is generally a helluva player, but the songs we’ve heard so far just feel like they’re lacking something.

Maybe you’ll disagree with me, though. Check out “Dragonaut” below and listen to “March of the Damned” and “Redeemer of Souls” if you missed them when they first came out.

Redeemer of Souls comes out July 15 on Epic. Judas Priest appear to be planning a fall U.S. tour, although nothing has been announced yet. 

[via Metal Insider]

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