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Whomever Runs As I Lay Dying’s Twitter Account Has a Sense of Humor



Who runs As I Lay Dying’s Twitter account? My guess would be Tim Lambesis, since a) he seems to be the only member of the band still interested in maintaining the AILD brand, and b) we already know he’s only the member of the band with behind-the-scenes access to their official website, so it’s not so far-fetched to imagine he might retain access to their other internet-related forms of promotion.

Whomever it is, I’ll say this about him: he has a sense of humor. A weird sense of humor, and dark sense of humor, but a sense of humor nonetheless.

See, Lambesisgoat reports that yesterday, AILD’s Twitter account sent out its first tweet “since April 30, 2013, one week prior to the arrest of vocalist Tim Lambesis.” The contents of that tweet?

Lambesis, of course, was recently sentenced to six years in prison for attempting to hire a hitman to kill his estranged wife, Meggan — so that he could retain sole custody of their adopted children. So, uh, “Happy Father’s Day” is, y’know, a pretty weird/perversely droll message to send out.

Assuming it was Lambesis who launched this tweet, well… at least he didn’t write about himself in the third person?

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