Breaking the Law

King 810 Really, Really, REALLY Want You to Know That They Got Arrested


Y’know how, like, the coolest person in any given room will absolutely never under any circumstances ever walk into a room and cry out, “HEY, EVERYONE! I’M THE COOLEST PERSON IN THIS ROOM!”

So what does it tell us that the members of King 810 are now actively gloating about the fact that two of their members, vocalist David Gunn and bassist Eugene Gill, were arrested last week on charges of assault? Why the hell would they post documentation of the arrest on their Facebook page, as though they needed to prove to everyone that, yes, they were actually arrested for really real??? 

King 810 Court Document

This is really no different from exploiting the sexuality of a female member to get fans — it’s the act of a band that has no real talent and, on some level, is aware that their music alone isn’t gonna get them any attention.


This is a serious mistake. Not because it means that anyone with half a brain will lose respect for King 810 (because no one with half a brain has ever had respect for King 810) — but because somewhere down the road, when these guys are out of prison, they’re gonna need to get jobs at McDonald’s or something, and the fact that this is on the internet is gonna make it much harder for them to lie about their criminal history on the job application.

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