’68 Make Two Videos for “Track Two”


Josh Scogin, former vocalist for Norma Jean and The Chariot and current vocalist for ’68, continues to be a music video innovator. The Chariot’s single-take clip for “David De La Hoz” is already the stuff of legends… and now, for ’68’s new single, “Take Two,” Scogin and company have made two music videos which need to be played simultaneously in order to actually hear the song — otherwise, you just hear the drums or the vocals and guitars (which some of you might wanna do anyway). The band directed the video themselves, taking inspiration from “the Zaireeka LP released by The Flaming Lips in 1997, where all four albums needed to be played simultaneously to be heard the way the band intended,” according to a press release.

Scogin elaborates:

“The hope is that someone will have one computer and invite a friend over that has another computer, they will spend several minutes struggling and laughing at trying to sync up the 2 videos perfectly.”

Which sounds like a fun way to do it. But if you’re like me and you don’t have a friend handy to help you sync these up, you can also just cheat and go here, where I’ve sunk ’em up for you. You’re welcome.

Otherwise, check out the Voltron of music videos below. ’68’s debut album, In Humor and Sadness, comes out July 8 on eOne/Good Fight.

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