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Arsis to Celebrate A Celebration of Guilt


A Celebration of Guilt The Motion Picture

Hard to believe, but A Celebration of Guilt, the face-melting debut album from those magnificent bastards in Arsis and the favorite metal release of Jewish mothers everywhere, turned ten years old in March. And according to The PRP, the band will commemorate the anniversary “with a European/UK tour of full album performances” this October.

No dates have been announced yet, nor do we know if any other countries will be gifted with similar celebratory performances. Maybe all those Jewish moms can help, uh, y’know, “talk” the band into it. Mama Rosenberg, Mama Neilstein, and their friends Ethel Rosenzweig and Shirley Epstein are on their way to James Malone’s house even as we speak. So I’d bet good money that by the end of the day, Malone will not only have booked U.S. dates for this tour, but will also have called his mother “just because” and cleaned his room, too.

While we wait for a proper tour itinerary, this is a terrific excuse to revisit¬†A Celebration of Guilt. Turn your speakers up to a truly inappropriate volume and hit “play”:

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