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Vital Remains Vocalist Brian Werner Honors Trayvon Martin with Tasteful New Merch Design


You think Vital Remains vocalist Brian Werner pissed people off when he tried to help The Satanic Temple erect a seven-foot-tall statue of Baphomet on at the Oklahoma Statehouse lawn? P’shaw. This new merch design for his Xcommunicated Clothing line has made the internet lose its collective shit:

xcommunicated trayvon martin

So what’s the story here? Is Werner a racist,  à la Malevolent Creation’s Phil Fasciana? Or a total troll who doesn’t understand satire, à la Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri? Or did he sincerely mean the design as some kind of tribute to Martin — e.g., the message he intended was something like, “Better to stand your ground and get shot than flee and survive”? Presumably, Werner will respond to the controversy at some point, and we’ll be better able to determine the appropriate level of indignation.

[via The PRP… thanks to Amanda D. for the tip]

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