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Mystery of the Dude Urinating Into His Own Mouth at a Trash Talk Concert: Solved!


sherlock pee
So a couple of weeks, this photo of some dude at a Trash Talk show in Melbourne, Australia peeing into his own mouth start the making the rounds, and, it should go without saying, became the talk of the interwebs. Who is this guy?, everyone wondered of the micturater, And why this hell is he doing that?!?!

Well, Vice got the answer: the act is apparently called “bubbling,” and it’s “a worldwide phenomenon among skaters.” But… uh… why??? “Skaters like to provoke reactions from laymen,” according to a skater named Troy West (a.k.a. “Skategypsy”). “It’s huge in Australia,” says West. “It’s part of our everyday life. My dad actually taught me how to do it when I was a kid.”

So that “explains” that, although not really at all. I still don’t really understand why the fuck anyone would do this. There are much easier ways to “provoke reactions.” For example, you can start a website and use it to constantly talk shit about metal bands, and bada bing, bada boom!, reactions will be provoked all over the place, and there will be considerably less mess. Just sayin’.

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