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Vital Remains Vocalist Brian Werner Refutes Racisms Accusations Via Video with African-American Superbowl Champion Travis Beckum


In what has to be history’s most entertaining example of “But some of my best friends are black!”, Vital Remains vocalist Brian Werner has refuted recent accusations of racism via the below video, which not only includes an explanation of his recent Travyon Martin-themed hoodie, but also features an appearance by African-American Super Bowl champion Travis Beckum. But even if there is something inherently kinda funny about trotting out a black friend in order to disprove assertions of bigotry, Werner makes a valid point, and it seems fairly clear now that, at worst, he told a joke in bad taste (which he admits), and does not belong in the “Phil Fasciana is a Dumb Donkey Club” or the “Frankie Palmeri is a Dope Who Doesn’t Understand How Satire Works Club.”

Check out the video below. While most of Werner’s vitriol is directed at some MetalSucks wannabe blog with which I wasn’t previously familiar, Werner also calls out The PRP and a writer who, blogosphere rumor has it, is hung like a rhinoceros, and often ruins women for all other lovers. Watch:

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