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Are u ready for the debut of THUG METAL??

  • Sergeant D

thug metal

Many things about the metal scene have changed over the past 20 or so years that I’ve been part of it, but one thing seems to hold true: a lot of people seem to think that combining metal and rap is a good idea, and it almost never is. The latest example (from some band called SOLUS DEUS) is particularly mindbottling. I can’t decide whether it’s awful, awesome, or a little of both.


:00 HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD called, they want their gimmick back

:24 I love when bands use freeware grunge fonts and type out a word like “BLOOD” at like 150 points, because you can see how both O’s are identically distressed and it looks hilariously entry-level like a sign advertising hot dogs at a gas station.

:35 “Headbangin’ riffs with platinum beats.”

1:34 OK, this part is kind of awesome, I can’t lie. It’s like SIX FEET UNDER, except if they weren’t arguably the single worst death metal band of all time. And the lyrics omfg: “When I feel like an animal / I throw on some Cannibal / When I’m cruising down the block / head bobbin on some Tupac.” Way to be right on top of the trends, circa 1993.

2:20 Imagining that the ‘creative direction’ for this part was “dude during the solo have like a skull with some trippy shit like flying around it”

3:30 And the DJ takes us out (over a RICK ROSS sample)

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