Saturday Song to Get Stoned To

Sunday To Get Buried Alive


buriedI can’t think of a worse fate than getting buried alive.

Well, maybe taking a red hot poker up the bum.  That would be truly terrible.

drawnquarteredHow about getting drawn and quartered?  (especially being torn apart by horses) — that always seemed super br00tal to me.

The truth is, there are a gazillion shitty ways to die.

Drowning would be awful.

Or being eaten by piranhas.

Flesh-eating virus… thanks.

Slow, painful cancerous death? Horrible.

Old age? Well then you have to be all frail, senile, and grumpy (like our beloved Axl!)

Aside from the obvious (intercourse), what is the best way to die?

I guess unexpectedly, in your sleep, with minimal suffering.

Fuck, this is morbid. Maybe I will have a drink at brunch after all.


Anyway, I hope none of you ever die :)

But if you do, I’ll be right there to BURY YOU ALIVE………….


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