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Death Metal Band Unfathomable Ruination to Perform in Soundproof, Airtight Cube


I’m tempted to call this the silliest publicity stunt ever, but the silliest publicity stunt ever would really be the one that generated no publicity, and this obviously isn’t that.

So I’ll just call it the second silliest publicity stunt ever.

According to The Independent, “Death metal band Unfathomable Ruination are to perform in an airtight, soundproofed box outside the Gherkin [So called because it looks like the pickled fruit. Really. -Ed.] in London this week” as part of Portuguese artist João Onofre’s art installation “Box Sized DIE” (get it?). In case the word “soundproof” didn’t tip you off, no one outside the cube will actually be able to hear the band’s music — but the cube is partially transparent. So it’ll be kinda like watching a concert video on mute.

unfathomable ruination cube

Also, in case the word “airtight” didn’t tip you off, the band can only perform until they run out of oxygen. I’m not entirely clear how they’ll know they’re out of oxygen… maybe there’s a meter they can read inside the box, or maybe they’re just gonna wait ’til someone passes out. I’m also assuming they can open the box from the inside, although if they couldn’t, the installation’s title would take on a whole new meaning.

If you live in or near London or are going there on vacation or whatever and you wanna check this out, they’ll be in the box starting at 6 pm every Wednesday through Friday from July 3 to August 1. The Independent says the band play songs “including hits like ‘Edges of Disfigured Atrocity’ and ‘Futile Colossus Decapitated’,” which is very likely the first time anyone has called any of this band’s songs “hits.”

Thanks: Jake D.

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