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Listen to the First New Tool Riff in, Like, a Bajillion Years


Necrophagist Studio Update LargeMetalSucks wasn’t even a twinkle in our collective eye yet when Tool released their last album, 10,ooo Days, roughly 10,000 days ago. And that album, awesome as it is, has like 30% of its running time eaten up by ambient noises and chanting and other shit guaranteed to make you reach for the “skip” button. So you can’t exactly blame us Tool fans for being all, “GIVE US SOME NEW FUCKIN’ MUSIC ALREADY!!!”, y’know?

So, good news/bad news: Adam Jones has released some new Tool music, via his Facebook page (see below)! But even though it’s new music… it’s not for a new song, but, rather, an extension for “Hooker with a Penis” from Ænima. So it’s basically just, like, a massive cock tease. But whatever. I’ll still take thirty seconds of a new-old Tool song over thirty years’ worth of music from Ill Niño.

[via The PRP]

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