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No Devotion: Ex-Lostprophets Members and Thursday’s Geoff Rickly Team Up in New Band


No DevotionWhile Ian Watkins rots away in jail for child pornography and abuse, the rest of the ex-members of Lostprophets are pulling a Wovenwar and forming a new band without him, together with a new singer. And while I’m generally not inclined to continue covering anything having to do with Lostprophets because fuck that band, the singer these guys got is top-notch: it’s Thursday Geoff Rickly.

Like probably a lot of MS readers, I fell madly in love with Full Collapse when it came out, then kinda lost track of Thursday after that. But I’ve always loved Rickly’s voice, and the strength of that album alone will forever keep me interested in anything he does.

Will the taint of Watkins’ sentence impact how people perceive No Devotion? Probably. But if Wovenwar’s recent emergence from exile can be used as a template, the public will generally be understanding of these guys’ plight; they didn’t do anything wrong, innocent bystanders caught up in a shitty situation over which they had no control.

Check out the first official No Devotion track, “Stay,” below. Unfortunately it’s not very good: for the most part it sounds like Geoff Rickly singing over a cheesy Lostprophets song and he’s the best thing about it. It doesn’t belong on a metal site, and this will probably be the last time we post about this band. This is closure, I guess.

The single will be released officially through Rickly‘s Collect Records on July 12 in Europe and July 22 in the U.S.

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