Unsigned and Unholy

Unsigned and Unholy: Stonebringer, Myrone, Rectified Spirit


StonebringerStonebringer sound kinda like what you’d expect a band named Stonebringer to sound like (bringin’ the stones), except with an unexpected sense of swing and tinges of ’90s grunge influence thrown in. Diggin’ it lots.

When I first pressed play on Myrone‘s “Virtual Island Paradise” I was all like “What in the fuck?” But I stuck with it and realized that it’s a spot-on re-enactment of ’80s instrumental lounge metal, ala Steve Vai meets Van Hagar. Those synths and vocal samples in the middle — perfect. This guy is basically a genius. Loving this.

My ignorant American ass didn’t even know India had a “neglected North-East corner” until Rectified Spirit contacted me. But check it out:


Will it be a future bastion of death metal? Unlikely, but Rectified Spirit are doing a pretty good job of putting their home region on the worldwide map with their own brand of melodic death metal (but not melodeath) meets power metal. Those pipes!!

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