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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: July 8, 2014

  • David Lee Rothmund

Ultramantis Black

Last Tuesday’s Shit That Comes Out Today didn’t leave hungry metal people with enough to chew on. Such is the market with releases in holiday weeks! Now though — at this very moment — we sit in front of this delicious bouquet of metal after a two-week no-jack spell. Blow your load!


Origin - Omnipresent LargeOrigin
Omnipresent (Nuclear Blast)
On a playlist with: Rings Of Saturn, Archspire, Cannibal Corpse
Read The MetalSucks Review by Excretakano (here)
Listen Omnipresent full stream (here)

Think of Origin as the more serious Rings Of Saturn with a light sprinkling of Cannibal Corpse. Shyeah, sounds great ya know? But their 2011 release Entity didn’t rub me the right way — it was too technical in a way that shunned originality and organicism. Omnipresent though has proper form. It turns technical into heavy rather than relying on heavy to make up for a lack of technicality (or technicality to make up for the lack of heavy).


Wolves In The Throne Room CelestiteWolves In The Throne Room
Celestite (Artemisia)
On a playlist with: Panopticon + the amazing denouement of 2001: A Space Odyssey
Listen Celestite full stream (here)

And now think of Wolves In The Throne Room as literally 100% opposite of Origin! WITTR has turned atmosphere, ambiance, and post-trance into audio sex. There’s this barely perceptible twinge of vulnerability to Celestite, like it was gradually folded out of paper over months and months of careful planning. What makes Celestite truly metal is that it deepens that sensitivity to the extent that it actually becomes the music.


monuments The AmanuensisMonuments
The Amanuensis (Century Media)
On a playlist with: Periphery, Intervals, TesseracT
Listen “The Alchemist” (here) “Atlas” (here)

Hey, I’m pretty okay with Monuments. Maybe because I <3 Periphery too much I get kind of spoiled when I don’t hear, uh, Periphery. But you and I both know that’s a bad approach! This sophomore release really takes Monuments into their own — I can clearly hear who this band is trying to be and how they’re trying to do it. This is very quality rocky and vocal-driven djent with just enough groove to keep ya dancing.


Goatwhore - Constricting Rage Of The MercilessGoatwhore
Constricting Rage Of The Merciless (Metal Blade)
On a playlist with: Skeletonwitch, Exhumed, Soilent Green
Listen “FBS” (here) “Schadenfreude” (here)

I might’ve had to pack up my MetalSucks bags and head off to dick-land to twinkle my twat, but I’ll state it anyway: Goatwhore isn’t that great. But wait — I mean, Goatwhore wasn’t that great until Constricting Rage Of The Merciless. It’s so sharp and digestible and, above all, quintessentially metal — unlike their other albums. This, though, woah. Genre-defining.


Corruption Devil's ShareCorruption
Devil’s Share (Metal Mind)
On a playlist with: The Haunted, Destrage, Gotthard
Listen “Hang ‘n’ Over” (here)

Groove and gravel. But mostly groove! The riff for “Hang ‘n’ Over” is so delightfully catchy, and it definitively plays well into the heavier chorus. Top that with the on-the-top-of-my-lungs vocals, and Devil’s Share is more fun than driving a Lamborghini at top speed on a road made of tits. This groove-rock style of metal really requires all the elements: technicality, focus, vocal skill, and originality. This album’s got it all!


Earthless meets Heavy BlanketEarthless Meets Heavy Blanket
In A Dutch Haze live (Outer Battery/Roadburn)
On a playlist with: Dinosaur, Jr., Annihilation Time, OFF!
Listen In A Dutch Haze live (here)

Mmmmm, a giant jam sesh captured on one live album. You might imagine that the result is a windy 58 minutes of nonsense and wankery. Oh but it isn’t! Haze feels decisively programmed and post — it retains a lot of off-the-cuff feel but bears out a construction. And while it isn’t the most cohesive album this week, it certainly is one of the densest.



’68 In Humor And Sadness (eOne/Good Fight) listen listen
Amberian Dawn Magic Forest (Napalm) listen
Angist Circle Of Suffering (Hammerheart) listen
Athanatos Unholy Union (Iron Bonehead) listen
Chelsea Grin Ashes To Ashes (Artery/Razor & Tie) listen
Connoisseur Stoner Justice (Tankcrimes) listen
Hate Division Order of the EnslavedErimha Reign Through Immortality (Victory) listen read
Exordium Mors The Apotheosis Of Death (Iron Blood & Death) listen listen
» GhostxShip Cold Water Army (Innerstrength) listen
Gotthard Bang! (The End) listen
» Hate Division Order Of The Enslaved (Blast Head) listen
The Hell Groovehammer (Prosthetic) listen listen
Iron Man Generation Void reissue (Shadow Kingdom) listen
Iron Man The Passage reissue (Shadow Kingdom) listen
Mortals Cursed To See the FutureIslander Violence & Destruction (Victory) listen listen
Judas Priest Redeemer Of Souls (Epic) listen
Kruk Before (Metal Mind) listen listen
Lawrence’s Creation Drop Zone (HPGD) listen
Ministry Last Tangle In Paris 2CD/DVD (UDR/13th Planet) watch
My Iron Lung Relief (Pure Noise) listen
» Mortals Cursed To See The Future (Relapse) listen
Pinnick Gales Pridgen PGP2 (Magna Carta) listen
violent Sons Nothing As It SeemsScars Of Tomorrow Failed Transmissions (Artery) listen
Sonic Syndicate Sonic Syndicate (Nuclear Blast) listen listen
Steel Prophet Omniscient (Cruz del Sur) listen
Terminal Death Terminal Death collection (Shadow Kingdom) listen
¤ Ultramantis Black Ultramantis Black EP (Relapse) listen
Vintersorg Naturbål (Napalm) listen
Violent Sons Nothing As It Seems digital (Bridge Nine) listen listen
Wolvhammer Clawing Into Black Sun (Profound Lore) listen
Zone Zero The Lost Legacy collection (Shadow Kingdom) listen


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