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Decapitated Share Their Blood Mantra

Album art by Lukasz Jaszak
Album art by Lukasz Jaszak

In meditation classes, they assign you a mantra in secret and then tell you to never, ever share your mantra with anyone else, or it’ll be worthless.

Well, thank Satan that Decapitated don’t abide by those sorts of bullshit rules, because they are going to share their mantra — specifically, their new album, Blood Mantra, which will be out September 6 on Nuclear Blast. (That’s the album art up top. You probably figured that out already.)

Says founder/guitarist Wacław “Vogg” Kiełtyka of the release:

“Extreme and groove – I think that’s the best way to describe our new album. This time we feel that we have something totally crushing and huge. ‘Blood Mantra’ is the most heavy and mature album we ever did in our career. I cannot wait to start to play songs live because riffs are so deep and powerful.”

And that’s all we got for now. I’m already like “OH FUCK IS IT SEPTEMBER 6 YET?!?!” Yeah, my expectations for this one are high.

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