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Former Overkill Drummer Rat Skates Has Lost His Mind


Rat SkatesUp until sixty-four seconds ago, the thing I remembered most about former Overkill drummer Rat Skates is that he goes by the name “Rat Skates.” But from here on out, I think it’s safe to assume that the thing I will remember most about former Overkill drummer Rat Skates is that he made this commercial (NSFW, and probably not for those who feel highly sensitive to violence):

I am truly at a loss for words. And you guys know me. I’m NEVER at a loss for words.

As it turns out, this isn’t Skates’ first foray into the world of incredibly weird and fucked-up religious propaganda, either:

This one is even worse. Every single argument it makes via the shittiest “interviews” with “real people” I’ve ever seen is moronic enough to suggest that Skates should be in a facility under a doctor’s supervision somewhere. But the parts that jumped out at me were the terrifyingly hilarious line “babies can’t run away from their murderer,” and the assertions that “the abortion guy” — y’know, like the pizza guy or the cable guy — “doesn’t have to look at them in the face” (which isn’t true — aborted fetuses have faces) and “can’t hear their screams” (which is true, but not because he’s callously listening to music or something while performing the abortion):

These videos are incredibly offensive, and yet somehow, I’m not offended. I think mostly because it’s clear that Skates is truly mentally handicapable, and it’s probably an accomplishment for him to defecate without smearing crap on the walls, let alone make an entire semi-coherent videos. I mean, the poor guy refers to himself as “the original D.I.Y. artist,” which is true only if you overlook 98% of all artists throughout recorded history. (He also seems to have written his own Wikipedia page. Unless some other dolt wrote the line “He is most widely known as a pioneer of D.I.Y. musicians,” a phrase which is both meaningless and inaccurate.) Is there a Special Oscars? Like a Special Olympics, but for movies? If so, can we get this fella nominated? I’m sure it would mean a lot to him.


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