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“Harvest” This New Pathology Song

  • Axl Rosenberg

Pathology - Throne of ReignAre you in the mood for something that sounds both incredibly heavy and reminiscent of that time you almost died from dysentery? Well then hold onto your butts, boys and girls, because Pathology have a unveiled a new song via Lambgoat, and while it’s technically called “Harvest,” it sounds like it could be entitled “Drowning to Death in a Sea of Diarrhea.” It’s actually kinda shocking that they’re releasing this track in July, and didn’t wait for Valentine’s Day to roll around — it’s just so goddamn romantic that it’s hard to imagine anyone listening to this song and not immediately feeling the urge to make love to the nearest warm and willing body available.

“Harvest” will appear on Pathology’s Throne of Reign, which comes out August 5 on the band’s own Pathology Music. It’s available for pre-order here. You may also wanna order a few boxes of these to go with it.

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