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“You Might Need Ear Condoms” for Iron Reagan’s “Miserable Failure”


Tony Foresta Ear CondomI’m not even gonna try to describe this new Iron Reagan song, “Miserable Failure.” There is nothing I could possibly write that would entice you to check it out more than this statement from frontman Tony Foresta (also of Municipal Waste fame):

“‘Miserable Failure’ is a Summer Jam unlike the world has ever seen. Oozing sensuality riff after riff, this song will take you into a hard rock crossover vortex of horniness, lust and confusion. You might need ear condoms for this one. I hate writing quotes for songs.”

I agree with everything Tony says here, except for the bit about ear condoms. Ear condoms suck, dude! Everything sounds so much better without them. If you’re really worried about your hearing, just pull (the volume) down right before the song ends. It’s a totally sound method of tinnitus control.

Check out “Miserable Failure” below. The album was produced by Converge’s Kurt Ballou, and comes out September 16 on Relapse. You can pre-order the physical edition here and the digital edition here.

Totally unrelated side note… this is one of the first things to come up if you Google “ear condoms”:

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