Divided Dimension’s “As I Am” is the Best Worst Metal Video of the Week


Usually, when we see a video as crappy as Divided Dimension’s clip for “As I Am,” we say something like “It appears as though it took the band all of fifteen minutes to make this,” exaggerating for comedic effect. But in this case, we’re not being hyperbolic: “THE VIDEO WAS SHOT IN 15 MINUTES,” boasts the YouTube description.  (And you have to wonder how much additional time they spent on editing.)

Of course, if the band were any good, the fact that the clip is so crappy might not matter as much. But then again, if the band were any good, they probably would have intelligent enough to spend more than fifteen minutes on their video. It’s just hard to imagine a Joe Duplantier or a Devin Townsend doing something like this without any sense of irony whatsoever and then going, “Yeah, that works, let’s release this for public consumption!”

Thanks: Kyle D.

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