Video: Dude Proposes to Girlfriend On-Stage at Machine Head Show


I always thought the lyrics to Machine Head’s “Davidian” were about the ills of the institution of marriage, but I guess this dude Tony doesn’t agree with my interpretation, because he recently proposed to his girlfriend Ashley on-stage at a Machine Head Show in Minot, ND. Which, even a cold hearted prick like me has to admit, is romantic as fuck. But it gets even more enchanting: immediately after Ashley accepted, the couple got a very session with Dr. Robb Flynn, Couples Therapist. Flynn’s advice is expert, but you do hafta wonder how he missed the obvious “Machine Head” pun.


Of course, this isn’t the first on-stage proposal we’ve seen at a metal show: in 2010, Charles Ray proposed to his presumably-now-wife, Alexis, during a Fear Factory concert. I also once saw a guy ask his wife for a divorce in the middle of an Anal Cunt show, which I thought was quite touching.

[via Metal Insideher]

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