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Heavy Metal Drinking Games


Heavy Metal Drinking Games

Summer doldrums are here, and you know what that means — it’s time to get day drunk!!! Which is why we here at MetalSucks have put together this helpful list of heavy metal drinking games for you and your friends to enjoy all season long. So scroll down, find your favorite band, throw on one of their albums, and get totally blotto! And, of course, you’re free to add your own suggestions in the comments section below…

Bury Your Dead: Drink any time there’s a breakdown.

Deicide: Drink any time they use either the word “Satan” or the word “god.”

Cannibal Corpse: Drink any time they use the word “blood.”

Cannabis Corpse: Drink any time there’s a reference to weed, toke after every drink.

Hatebreed: Drink any time the lyrics are about overcoming hardship.

Pathology: Drink any time you can’t understand the lyrics.

System of a Down: Drink any time you can understand the lyrics, but still have no idea what the song is actually about.

Brujeria: Drink any time the lyrics aren’t in English.

Kvelertak: Drink any time the lyrics aren’t in English.

Emmure: Drink any time the lyrics aren’t in English.

S.O.D.: Drink any time Billy Milano is pissed about lyrics that aren’t in English.

Slayer: Drink any time a guitar solo completely lacks structure.

Jesu: Drink any time Justin Broadrick sounds sad.

Alice in Chains: Drink any time Layne Staley YARLS (can also be played with Tantric, Creed, Stone Temple Pilots, etc.)

Living Colour: Drink any time you hear an instrument being played by an African-American.

Rob Zombie: Drink any time he screams “Yeah!”

Steel Panther: Drink any time there is a reference to sex and/or drugs.

Gojira: Drink any time you hear a Morbid Angel riff.

Anything Involving Zakk Wylde: Drink any time you hear a guitar squeal.

Origin: Drink any time you hear sweep picking.

Fear Factory: Drink any time it’s entirely possible you’re listening to “Replica.”

Marilyn Manson: Drink any time he uses a pun.

The Sword: Drink any time it sounds like Black Sabbath.

Slipknot: Drink any time you can’t tell whether or not the percussionists who aren’t Joey Jordison are actually playing or not.

Sleep: Drink any time you’re not sure whether or not the song has begun yet.

Guns N’ Roses’ “November Rain”: Drink any time you hear this drum fill.

Faith No More: Drink any time you can’t tell if the lyrics are meant to be serious or not.

Arsis: Drink any time you can’t accurately name the line-up that recorded the song to which you are currently listening.

Graf Orlock: Drink every time there’s a sample from a movie or lyrics referencing/quoting a movie.

Portal: Drink any time it sounds like you’re listening to a scratched record or CD that is stuck on one particular part of a song.

Body Count: Drink any time Ice-T says the name of the song to which you are currently listening.

Bon Jovi: You’ve already had enough to drink, go sleep it off.

Malevolent Creation: Doesn’t matter what rules you play by, so long as your drink prominently features chocolate milk as one of its ingredients.

Metallica:  Drink any time you hear a wah pedal.

Megadeth: Drink any time Dave Mustaine still isn’t in Metallica.

Anthrax Live: Drink any time Frank Bello looks out at the crowd and opens his mouth real wide.

Mötley Crüe Live: Drink every time Vince Neil gets winded and/or mumbles only a portion of the lyrics.

MetalSucks: Drink any time you see a tyop.

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