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Introducing Publicist UK: Members of Revocation, Goes Cube, and Freshkills + Dave Witte


Publicist UK - BirdsI’d have listed all the bands in which Dave Witte has played in the headline, but 1) That’d make the headline a paragraph long, 2) If you don’t know who Dave Witte is you’re fired from reading this website, 3) This page does a fine enough job.

Publicist UK sees the forever-young Witte teaming up with Revocation bassist Brett Bamberger (also ex-East of the Wall), Goes Cube guitarist David Obuchowski and Freshkills vocalist Zachary Lipez, with whom I wasn’t previously familiar. That’s a helluva lineup, eh? Only it sounds nothing like what you’d expect! Which is a great thing, if you ask me, since “supergroups” that just sound like the sum of their parts all too often end up being disappointing. Here’s the band on how they first came together, a charming story indeed:

Goes Cube has toured with Freshkills (Zack’s old band), and East of the Wall (Brett’s old band) and [Publicist UK] started when I (David) sent Brett two songs that Zack and I were working on. Brett loved them and we asked him to join as the bass player. That same week, he played it for Dave Witte who dug the music. Brett texted us, “hey can Dave Witte join as drummer.” That was obviously not a difficult decision. It’s been really amazing to collaborate with everyone and for us all to be playing music that’s such a different sound than we’re used to. I’ve known Zack and Brett for a long time now and I’ve spent a lot of time with them on the road. We’ve talked for a very long time about collaborating. To do it with Dave Witte—drummer of so many bands we absolutely love—it’s awesome. We really love the record, and we think people are going to be pretty surprised (and hopefully happy) about the sound we’re putting together.

Noisey’s got the premiere of a new track called “Slow Dancing to This Bitter Earth,” embedded below, a somber, mid-tempo, jangly ditty that sounds more like The Cure meets Pavement than any of the band’s members’ “day jobs.” And it’s really good! A fresh change of pace for these tired, over-metalled ears. The band also released “Never Gone to School” last month, a creepy and bizarre tune also worth your while if you dig the new one. Publicist UK are currently working on a full album, but we’re not sure when it’ll be released.

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