Oddly Yet Appropriately, Slayer Music is Used in the Movie Sex Tape


slayer sex tape

So, did anybody see Sex Tape this weekend? Apparently not. But one anonymous reader did send us this quote from a review of the film in The Tampa Bay Times:

“[Rob] Lowe plays Hank, the corporate mogul buying Annie’s blog, a button-down family man urging family values unless his family’s out of town. Of all the stretches in Sex Tape, the one taking the movie to Hank’s mansion, adorned with paintings of himself in various Disney classics (yes, even Snow White) is most welcome. Blaring Slayer and blowing cocaine, Lowe’s performance is a highlight by default, and his own sex tape peccadillo makes it wickedly right.”

A quick Google search subsequently lead me to another review which mentions the scene in question, this one from

“The movie is so desperate for laughs that it resorts to gags like a chasing dog that can open doors and Lowe’s family guru doing cocaine lines with Slayer pounding. “

I haven’t been able to identify which Slayer song or songs are used in the flick, but 99% of all Slayer songs would make an appropriate soundtrack for snorting rails, so good call on the part of the film’s music supervisors.

And while this isn’t the first time Slayer’s music has been used in a mainstream film, it is the first time Slayer’s music has been used in a Cameron fucking Diaz comedy, so that seems noteworthy. And appropriate, given recent revelations that Tom Araya tried to make a sex tape with Kerry King. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was cocaine involved in that little adventure, too.

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