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“Coping” with Set and Setting’s Dreamy Soundscapes Isn’t Hard To Do


Set and Setting - A Vivid MemoryYou loved Set and Setting’s debut album Equanimity, and you’ll love this too: the instrumental post-metal outfit’s brand new song “Coping,” the first we’re hearing from their sophomore album A Vivid Memory.

I didn’t even realize Set and Setting had two drummers until today. How ’bout that? I’m curious to hear whether Set and Setting can really utilize two skinsmen better than certain bands do; bands that do it well are few and far between (The Allman Brothers Bands come to mind… with three). But I liked their first album and, from the sounds of it, I think I’ll like this one too: “Coping” is as epic a track as any, the kind that really takes you on an interstellar journey within your own mind if you’ll only let it.

A Vivid Memory comes out September 2nd via Prosthetic Records; order here.

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