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Marduk May Not Be Part of the Deicide/Septicflesh/Carach Angren Tour After All


Marduk, march 2012 Left to right: Devo, Mortuus, Lars, MorganYesterday, Deicide announced a North American tour with Septicflesh, Marduk, and Carach Angren, and we were all like “YAY! AWESOME LINE-UP!”

Only one problem… Marduk say they aren’t part of the package! From their Facebook page:

“It has come to our attention that a tour with Deicide and Marduk has been announced. This was unfortunately an error, seeing as we already declined this offer. As to why this was broadcast in the first place we can but speculate, but most likely it’s a case of miscommunication.”

Meanwhile, Deicide have yanked the admat — and, somewhat oddly, all other postings save for their profile and cover photos — from their own FB page. So yeah clearly someone done f’ed up.

No word yet on whether or not the tour will add a replacement for Marduk or if it will now just feature three bands instead of four. I’d be fine with the latter scenario… having Marduk on the trek would have been swell, but a Deicide/Septicflesh bill ain’t nuthin’ to scoff at, neither.

[via Lambgoat]

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